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India's First Digital Proprietor!
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Sales Manager is Brand owned by us and we support Real Estate Builders in delivering Sales. I don’t sell Real Estate, People Buy Real Estate From me.

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Our Brand “Marketing Proprietor ” Focuses on Digital Marketing. The world of doing business digitally!

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StartApp India is a Brand focused on Development of Apps for our Clients!

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The No.1 Real Estate Blogger in India. Blogging on Real Estate Since 2003

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Our Brand “Training Proprietor ” Focuses on Training the way of doing business digitally!

We are Digital Proprietor of the Internet World

Who We Are ?
India's First Digital Proprietor

We at registered as "Digital Proprietor" under Udyog Aadhar do help the Proprietors of India Go Digital. We are a "SMART" Brand. We Do S is for Sales, We Do M is for Marketing, We Do A is for App Development, We Do R is for Real Estate Blogging, We Do T is for Training!

The Businessman of India